English banjo brands
1) Paragon De Luxe made by Clifford Essex, London 18) John Grey model Chieftain
2) 2 banjos by John Grey & Sons, London 19) Cammeyer De Luxe tenor banjo
3) Paragon "Artist" by Clifford Essex, London 20) Custom made zither type banjo
4) "The Aristocrat" 5-stringer by A. D. Windsor 21) Clifford Essex Paragon New Era plectrum banjo
5) Vivavox De Luxe made bay Emile Grimshaw 22) Clifford Essex New Paragon top tension tenor
6) John Grey "The Autocrat" 23) Cammeyer De Luxe tenor banjo
7) Clifford "Paravox" 24) Windsor zither type banjo model Aristocrat
8) Windsor custom 25) Clifford Essex cello banjo
9) Clifford Essex 5-string banjo model Regal 26) Abbott plectrum banjo
10) Plectrum banjo with interesting tone system 27) Windsor zither type banjo
11) Plectrum banjo by Emile Grimshaw 28) Abbott plectrum banjo made for Tarrant Baily jr.
12) Tenor banjo by Will van Allen 29) Clifford Essex Paragon Artist model
13) The Paratone Solo tenor banjo 30) Rare tenor guitar with double resonator by Emile Grimshaw
14) Barnes & Mullins tenor banjo 31) Tenor banjo by Barnes Bros.
15) Clifford Essex Regal De Luxe 5-string banjo 32) Windsor Artist No. 2
16) Clifford Essex Paragon mandolin banjo
17) Windsor plectrum 5-string banjo