Ukulele banjos
For the past 35 years I´ve taken several thousands of photographs of banjos and banjo related items and thought it would be nice to share them with you. Most of my collection and what you can see displayed on my homepage is sold but I still have a couple of hundred instruments left and also I have good connections and instincts when it comes to locating rarities. I hope you enjoy looking at these fine instruments and the details of the artwork put to them. I will continue adding photographs of interesting items for display at times.
1) Ukulele banjo by W. M. Lange 31) Slingerland Special uke banjo
2) Ukulele banjo by W. M. Lange 32) Uke banjo by Washburn
3) Ukulele banjo by W. M. Lange 33) Uke banjo by Washburn
4) Roy Smeck uke banjo 34) Uke banjo by Washburn
5) John Grey & Sons uke banjo 35) Uke banjo by Vega
6) Broadcaster uke banjos 36) 2 ukulele banjos by Vega
7) Swanee uke banjo 37) Gibson ukulele banjos
8) Keech uke banjo 38) Gibson "Baby" uke banjo
9) John Grey uke banjo 39) Gibson UB 5 uke banjo
10) Uke banjo with fancy tree of life fingerboard decoration 40) Gibson uke banjo
11) Jetel banjo uke 41) Various banjo ukes
12) Keech-style banjo uke 42) Banjolele by Keech model "Prince of Wales"
13) Reliance banjo uke 43) B+D uke banjo Montana #7 Ne Plus Ultra
14) Langstile banjo uke by W. M. Lange 44) Longscale ukulele banjo
15) B+D uke banjo 45) Longscale ukulele banjo B4 by Will van Allen
16) B+D uke banjo style 3 46) Fancy ukulele banjo
17) B+D uke banjo style 4A 47) Uke banjo by Wm. Lange
18) Epiphone uke banjo 48) Uke banjo by Vega
19) Various uke banjos by Epiphone, Lange, Weymann 49) Uke banjo by Knight
20) Epiphone uke banjo 50) Uke banjo by Weymann
21) Epiphone uke banjo 51) George Formby style "D" uke banjo
22) Ludwig "Wendell Hall De Luxe" uke banjo 52) Vega long scale uke banjo
23) Ludwig "Wendell Hall" uke banjo 53) Rare long scale uke banjo made by Abbott
24) Ludwig uke banjo with perloid fingerboard and resonator 54) Uke banjo model White Swan
25) Ludwig uke banjo style Art de Luxe 55) Uke banjo
26) B+D #6 Ne Plus Ultra long scale uke banjo 56) Banjo uke by National
27) Various uke banjos by Ludwig and Windsor 57) Uke banjo by Shellard
28) Long scale uke style Wendell Hall by Ludwig 58) Unique shaped ukulele
29) Orpheum #3 Special uke banjo 59) Uke banjo by W. M. Lange
30) Super Paramount Presentation uke banjo 60) Martin uke and uke by Kalali
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