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Vega Scargold

A rare banjo with 5 full length strings custom made by the Vega company for Brenton William Hayes known as "world´s greatest banjo virtuoso", a musician with extra- ordinary talents. It is said that he memorizes some 3000 numbers of his repertoire. He tuned the 5 full length bass string an octave below the third string and the extended fingerboard gave him twenty nine frets and a range of four complete octaves. To have the bridge placed on a correct position it needed a 13" rim. The stage name "Scargold" is a contraction of the scarlet and gold for the Royal Canadian Northwest Mounted Police whose uniform Brent had a special permission to wear. On the photograph shown he is playing a custom made banjo by Stromberg, also with the 5 full length strings. I owned this very banjo and it is shown in my homepage.