German guitars

For the past 35 years I´ve taken several thousands of photographs of banjos and banjo related items and thought it would be nice to share them with you. Most of my collection and what you can see displayed on my homepage is sold but I still have a couple of hundred instruments left and also I have good connections and instincts when it comes to locating rarities. I hope you enjoy looking at these fine instruments and the details of the artwork put to them. I will continue adding photographs of interesting items for display at times.
1) German jazz guitar 30's 16) German guitars
31) Huettl
2) German jazz guitar 50's 17) German guitars
32) Hofner President
3) German archtop guitar 50's 18) Guitar by Hoyer model "Herr im Frack" 33) Record
4) German archtop guitar 50's 19) German pre war guitar by CID 34) Hofner model 565
5) German archtop guitar 50's 20) German guitar by Osbarna 35) Hofner model 464
6) German archtop guitar with amplifyer 50's 21) Hoyer Special SL custom
7) German archtop guitar 50's 22) Concert guitar by Höfner
37) German guitar
8) German archtop guitar 50's 23) German archtop jazz guitar
38) German guitar
9) German archtop guitar 50's

39) Alosa Solist

10) German archtop guitar 30's
40) Hofner Club 60
11) German guitars 26) Fancy and unusual shaped German guitar 41) Isana by Ignaz Sander
12) German guitar 27) German/italian guitar 30's 42) German guitar from the early 30's
13) German guitars 28) Custom made Hofner guitar 43) Guitar by Wolfrum
14) German guitars 29) Guitar by Riederle 44) German guitar fom the 50's distributed by Hemosch
15) Guitar by Hoyer model "Bianka" 30) GIMA