French banjo brands (Part 1)

1) French mandolin banjo 18) 4-string alto banjo by Guarnierius 34) Fancy French guitar by Marcard 1855
2) Presentation model by Chevin, Paris

19) 4-string tenor banjo by Chevin

35) Tenor banjo

4) Plectrum banjo Gibson-style by Chevin, Paris

20) Alto tenor banjo by Guarnieri/Clavero, Paris

36) Tenor banjo by "Metjazz" (3 pages!)

5) Tenor banjo made by Chevin, Paris

21) 6-string guitar banjo made in France

37) Fancy 6-string banjo by Chevin, Paris

6) Custom made tenor banjo

22) 8-string banjo with large rim made in France

38) Decorative Maccaferri style guitar

7) Chevin "Custom" made by Anatol A. for J. Revol

23) Unique presentation 7-string banjo made 1928 in Paris, France with original natural skin head and wooden case

39) Harp-banjo by Chevin

8) Custom made guitar banjo by Chevin, Paris

24) Decorative rear sides of mandolin banjos

9) Tenor banjo

25) Fancy mandolin banjo with octagonal body

41) Tenor banjo style Nilmelior by Chevin

10) Plectrum banjo made by Chevin, Paris

26) Tenor banjo

42) Pegheads of 3 banjos by Chevin

11) Mistinguett "Queen of Paris music halls"

27) Tenor banjo by Guarnieri

43) Ukulele banjo with fancy bronce flange decoration

12) Parisiana banjos

28) Custom made 6-string banjo by Chevin

44) High quality tenor banjo by Guarnierius, Paris, custom made for Maurice Chevalier

13) Pre war banjos made in France 29) Tenor banjo by Chevin

45) Rare all metal 6-string and 4-string tenor guitars

14) Art Deco banjo by Caroassonne

30) Tenor banjo by Chevin

46) Tenor banjo by Chevin, Paris

15) 4-string banjo by Guarnierius

31) Tenor banjo by Guarnieri, Paris

47) Chevin custom tenor banjo

16) Tenor banjo by Guarnierius

32) Alto-banjo custom made for Josephine Baker

48) French vintage guitar

17) Tenor made by Guarnierius

33) Schulpture and stamp of Josephine Baker

49) Unique 4-string banjo model Crystal by Georges Carcassone, Paris

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